Production of machine for lid application for open-mouth conical containers.

Metti Coperchi Robotizzato MCRR - ACR
Machine for lid application

MCRR Machine for lid application

The MCRR machine for lid application can easily be coupled with any filling machine.

A dynamic press machine is used to close the containers.

The system can comprise several deposit groups that are fed by their respective magazines.

The key concept is that just one operator is needed to work the machine completely independently. The only required operations are to re-load the magazines with covers when they have emptied, and to carry out any adjustment to the controls during a change of format.

The display integrates all of the machine’s functions and enables the operator to immediately understand if there is a problem and take necessary action.


  • Rapid format change
  • Reliability
  • Highly versatile

MCRR Machine for lid application technical specifications

Production Max 1700 pz/h
Container dimensions Da 5 l a 20 l
Installed power 18 kW
Consumption of air at 6 bar (constant) 300 Nl/min
Weight 1500 kg