Tying Machine


The CR25 tying machine is a fully automated system for closing metal ties on containers that require their use.

Ties are placed in the loading area by the operator, in no particular order.
Standard machine, takes ties for 20 kg containers (version available for 200 kg containers)
The CR25 tying machine can be coupled to both 90° and in-line filling machines.
The machine adheres to the most simplified design possible, to ensure high performance, easy format changes and low maintenance.

The CR25 tying machine is also available in an anti-explosive version (according to Directive 94/9/EC)

CR25 tying machine


Production 600 pcs/h for 20 kg cylindrical containers
Container sizes Standard version 20 kg - Custom version 200 kg
Installed power 4 kW
Air consumption at 6 bar (constant) 400 Nl/min
Weight 600 kg