Paint dosing machines

Paint filling machines

In business for over 37 year, here at ACR Srl we like to innovate continuously, providing our customers with automated and semi-automated products of various types such as filling machines for paints. Our machines are specialized in filling containers for varnishes, enamels, paints, solvents, lubricating adhesives, liquid detergents in general and much more. Each of our products can be adapted to the customer's needs and taking into account special precautions depending on needs.

Thanks to the technological progress achieved over the years, the dosing machines produced by ACR are ideal for packaging liquids in a wide range of containers: from 100 ml bottles up to IBCs (1000 ml). The whole range of automatic dosing machines can be made, on request, in accordance with the regulations in force for atmospheres with explosion risk (ATEX).

Thanks to the great flexibility of these dosing machines, it is possible to use them (with simple modifications) in various industrial sectors: from the chemical sector, to petrochemicals, and food. More specifically, we at ACR have been producing dosing machines for the chemical industry and the food industry, including volumetric dosing machines, by weight, or with flow meters for years.

ACR's semi-automatic dosing machines are part of the class of extremely simple machines with very small dimensions for which the operator must normally perform some operations, such as:

  • Feeding and positioning of containers
  • Feeding and positioning of caps and / or lids
  • Manually starting the dosage
  • Carrying out the pressing operation with both hands at the same time
  • Implementing the tightening operation
  • Any labelling